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Shoshone Geyser Basin, Island Group

The Island Group occupies the patch between Horse Camp Group in the south, Western Group in the west, and South Group in the north. Via a fallen tree log it gives also access to the Camp Group across Shoshone Creek in the east, even if Camp Group is currently closed. So in order to visit the western parts of Shoshone Basin you will more or less unavoidably cross the Island Group and meet with their hot springs. (Update: Unfortunately, as with all other thermal groups west of Shoshone Creek, the Island Group has been closed to public entry since 2016). There are not too many of them, only two somewhat larger blue pools and some holes, mostly with a water level well below the surrounding ground surface. While a few features show superheated boiling, there are currently no noteworthy geysers known from this group.

Shoshone Creek crossover between Island Group and Camp Group (view towards Camp Group):

Shoshone Creek Yellowstone

Shoshone Creek
SIGNN006 is the RCN code of the largest pool of the group. It is constantly boiling, but the splashes are of insignificant height.


SIGNN006 Shoshone Basin Yellowstone

Blue pool, Shoshone Geyser Basin
A slightly stronger splashing is to be observed with the pool north of it, SIGNN007.


SIGNN007 Shoshone Basin Yellowstone

Blue pool, Shoshone Geyser Basin
I have picked the feature SIGNN018 as an example of a smaller spring because it is located so pictorially on the bank of Shoshone Creek with view towards the lower Orion Group.


SIGNN018 Shoshone Basin Yellowstone

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