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Elk Park Springs

Strictly speaking "Elk Park Springs" is not the designation of a thermal group, but of a whole thermal region west and southwest of Norris Back Basin. However, the region is quite small and the number of springs rather limited, therefore it seems to be appropriate to integrate it here. The easiest access to the region is from a highway turnout just southwest of Norris Back Basin. A sign reading "Elk Park" in front of a meadow indicates the correct location. There is no trail into the area, but with a little intuition you can detect the subgrade of the old Norris road at a pointed angle to the highway. Follow the old road 400 m (440 yards) northeast to reach Big Blue Spring. Watch out for bison and bears!
(Update 2015: The Elk Park sign has been removed and the area closed to access.)

Big Blue Spring is not known to exhibit geyser activity, but even without that it is a gorgeous sight.

Big Blue Spring:

Big Blue Spring, Norris Basin Elk Park Yellowstone

Big Blue Spring Yellowstone
On the way to Big Blue Spring you come across two or three smaller features, which are more typical examples for springs in Elk Park.

Hot spring NEPSNN14:

Hot spring NEPSNN14 Yellowstone

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