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Fountain Flat Drive, Marshall's Hotel Group

In his book The Geysers of Yellowstone T. Scott Bryan has introduced Marshall's Hotel Group to integrate some widespread features along the east section of Fountain Flat Drive. The name of the group goes back to the old Marshall's Hotel close to present Nez Perce Picnic Area, which was knocked down in 1895. Usually, a vistor will only come across the quiet Maiden's Grave Spring directly on the bank of Firehole River. Twilight Geyser lies far out in the flat across the river and is a very rare performer. Hygeia Spring, next to the roadway some hundred yards to the east, is not visible since it is located on top of a high geyserite mound, where access is not permitted.

Maiden's Grave Spring in 2013:

Maiden's Grave Spring Yellowstone

Maiden's Grave Spring Yellowstone
Maiden's Grave Spring is named after the more than 100 years old grave of Mattie S. Culver, who died from tuberculosis at the age of 30 at Marshall's Hotel in Yellowstone. The grave lies at some distance to the spring south of Nez Perce Picnic Area.

Maiden's Grave:

Maiden's Grave Yellowstone

Maiden's Grave, Mattie S. Culver, Yellowstone

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