Volcanic Springs

Geysers, Hot Springs,
Mud Pots, and Fumaroles

Lone Star Geyser Basin, Campsite Group

The Campsite Group is located north of Campsite 0-A-2. Many thermal features line the trail within this group. Examples are springs LSCGNN075 and LSCGNN089.

Hot spring LSCGNN089:

Lone Star Basin hot spring LSCGNN089 Yellowstone

Hot spring LSCGNN075:

Lone Star Basin hot spring LSCGNN075 Yellowstone

From the main trail and from the campsite you can spot the most eye-catching springs of this group lying on the extended bank of Firehole River, which is covered with white, fine-grained sinter. If you are not familiar with this area, you should avoid to approach the springs.

Hot spring LSCGNN002 (spring LSCGNN001 marginally visible in background):

Lone Star Basin hot spring LSCGNN002 Yellowstone

Hot spring LSCGNN001:

Lone Star Basin hot spring LSCGNN001 Yellowstone

Hot spring LSCGNN011:

Lone Star Basin hot spring LSCGNN011 Yellowstone

Hot spring LSCGNN012:

Lone Star Basin hot spring LSCGNN012 Yellowstone

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