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Seltún, Sveifluháls Group

After completing half of the loop trail of Seltún and not far from the observation platform above spring Sel 4, a small path branches in uphill direction. Be careful, the path appears to be not maintained and is quite slippery and potentially dangerous, especially in rainy weather. It leads to the Sveifluháls Group, which is located near the top of the mountain ridge. The spot provides not only a breathtaking vista, but is also eye-catching itself from huge distances, for example from Lake Kleifarvatn. Sveifluháls Group is dominated by a vigorously boiling and steaming cluster of hot springs, here referred to as Spring Sve 1. Since there is no safeguarding equipment available around the dangerous spring cluster you have to take care of your own.

Sve 1 on top of Mt. Sveifluháls:

Hot Spring Sveifluháls Seltún Krýsuvík Iceland

Single springs of the cluster feature beautiful details:

Hot Spring Sveifluháls Seltún Krýsuvík Iceland

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