Volcanic Springs

Geysers, Hot Springs,
Mud Pots, and Fumaroles


The thermal area of Austurengjar extends from east of Lake Grænavatn to Lake Kleifarvatn in the north. Hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles are scattered sparsely over the area. The largest and most powerful hot spring, called Austurengjahver, Engjahver, or Stórihver, is located east of Lake Grænavatn in about 1,6 km walk from the parking lot where a sign leads you on to the right trail.

Engjahver is steaming in the distant hills. View from Mt. Sveifluháls:

Austurengjahver Engjahver Stórihver Seltún Krýsuvík Iceland

In the north Austurengjar overlaps with the south part of Lake Kleifarvatn. Hot springs are located on its bottom and every now and then one is erupting through the water surface, giving rise to the assumption that at least one geyser is hidden in the lake. But hot springs can also be found along the south shore. In the last years the chance to observe hot spring activity at Lake Kleifarvatn increased significantly because in 2000 two major earthquakes induced an ongoing sinking of the water level.

Hot spring on the south shore of Lake Kleifarvatn:

Hot Spring Lake Kleifarvatn Iceland

Hot Spring Lake Kleifarvatn Iceland

Close to the spring a fumarole has deposited bright sulfur minerals and silicates on the shore.

Fumarole on the shore of Lake Kleifarvatn:

Fumarole Lake Kleifarvatn Iceland

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