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Þeistareykir, Ketilfjall Group

Center of the Ketifjall Group are three rather noisy boreholes, covered with metal cistern roofs, whose steam plumes are visible over long distances. Along the slope north of the cisterns four hot springs are lined up, for which I don't have pictures. Southwest of the boreholes a larger area of thermally altered ground appears where fumaroles are located closely to each other. The first picture shows the fumarole spot with the north slope of Mt. Bæjarfjall in background. On the second picture a nice example of a small fumarole is given.

Fumaroles at Ketilfjall, view in southward direction towards Mt. Bæjarfjall:

Fumarole Solfatara Ketilfjall Þeistareykir Iceland

Fumarole Solfatara Ketilfjall Þeistareykir Iceland

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